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If you love the writing of Nathan Monk you are going to want to learn about The Miracle today

In mid-January I had the most amazing experience happen to me. Like many of you I kept saying that 2020 would, “be my year” but I didn’t exactly know what that meant. I didn’t have a plan, just a feeling that this would be different.

Then one Saturday afternoon, right in the middle of the day, I was suddenly hit with what I can only describe as a spiritual download. An entire book just landed in my brain. I couldn’t stop writing for nearly 24 hours. I wrote 30,000 words, created numerous unique characters, and it just flowed out of me.

Of course my first thought was, “this must be garbage.” So I floated the rough manuscript around to a few people in it’s extremely raw form. I was met with folks in tears telling me I needed to tell this story.

So here we are, just two weeks after that event, and I’m signing off on the cover design, which you can see my holding below. (But keep on reading! There's more exciting things to share.)

I’m humbled, excited, overwhelmed, and confused. When I wrote my other two books, Chasing the Mouse and Charity Means Love, it was a truly laboring experience. I spent nearly two years on each manuscript.

This book came to me like a gift from a muse.

Because of this, I am excited to announce that my first ever novel is coming in June of 2020 and it is titled The Miracle.

There is a lot of editing to take place and words to be added but we are green lit and moving forward!

I can not wait to share this story with you. In just this short amount of time I’ve spent with these characters, I can already tell they’ve changed my life forever. This has been such a lesson for me in compassion, love, mercy, forgives, and grace. I hope that this story will be for you too.

When I say that this story has changed my life. I don’t mean that lightly. I know that it will have an impact on you and countless others. Check out this description of the book!

“Miracles are not always what they seem. No one knows this better than Patrick Thackery. As a third generation pastor of his family’s church he has seen it all from birth. His grandfather built the family legacy as a faith healer. Now, Patrick and his wife have abandoned their dreams to raise their three daughters in his family home, pastoring the church his grandfather built. He reluctantly leads with doubt until an illness strikes his own family. But miracles can come with a price.

Hitting rock bottom sends Patrick on a journey to discover what healing really means and forcing him to face the demons in his own life that are holding him back. His journey for forgiveness leads him to meet a new gang of friends dubbed the Unholy Trinity. Will they bring him closer to God than his grandfather’s pulpit ever could?

In Nathan Monk’s third book and first novel, he weaves a story of redemption and hope. Taking the reader on an edge of your seat journey that leads you to the only possible conclusion when everything else fails: grace.”

The book comes out in June of this year but I am offering an exclusive pre-order offer for each of y’all. I am only offering 200 limited edition signed copies and then all future pre-orders will be unsigned copies through other distributors. I am setting a challenge to sell all pre-orders by February. Get your pre-order copy now CLICK HERE

I am also offering only 50 pre-order bundles with all three of my books, also signed! If you haven't read my other works, this is a great discounted opportunity to get all three CLICK HERE

The final offer is a 10 pack book club bundle for you book club, church group, or to give out to your friends! This bundle will also be signed. Only 20 of these bundles are available! If you would like a chance at this discounted opportunity CLICK HERE

Get your copies today while they last!

I can not wait to share The Miracle with you.

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