Order your pre-order copy of The Miracle and Nathan’s other two books, Charity Means Love and Chasing the MouseAbout The Miracle:Miracles are not always what they seem. No one knows this better than Patrick Thackery. As a third generation pastor of his family’s church he has seen it all from birth. His grandfather built the family legacy as a faith healer. Now, Patrick and his wife have abandoned their dreams to raise their three daughters in his family home, pastoring the church his grandfather built. He reluctantly leads with doubt until an illness strikes his own family. But miracles can come with a price.Hitting rock bottom sends Patrick on a journey to discover what healing really means and forcing him to face the demons in his own life that are holding him back. His journey for forgiveness leads him to meet a new gang of friends dubbed the Unholy Trinity. Will they bring him closer to God than his grandfathers pulpit ever could?In Nathan Monk’s third book and first novel, he weaves a story of redemption and hope. Taking the reader on an edge of your seat journey that leads you to the only possible conclusion when everything else fails: grace. Pre-Orders are for signed limited edition copies of the Miracle plus Charity Means Love and Chasing the Mouse. All three products will ship together as a bundled package. Product will not ship until The Miracle is released in June 2020. Official date, launch party, and other information to follow. Order your copy today!

The Miracle Bundle w/ Charity Means Love and Chasing the Mouse