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Iranians flood Twitter with beautiful images of cultural sites after Trump threatens to destroy them

After US President Donald Trump made a chilling threat to destroy Iranian cultural sites, the world made a collective gasp. The people of Iran responded by flooding the internet with images of their rich and beautiful heritage.

If President Trump were to target cultural and religious sites as an attempt at revenge against Iran, it would be a violation of international law and be seen as a war crime. However, the US president‘s lack of concern for rules and order has given everyone cause for concern that this threat could become a reality.

Concern for what the reality of these threats could become has been palpable. Writer Neda Monem said, “Iranian cultural sites aren’t only aesthetically awe-inspiring or visually pleasing, these sites are home to thought, dialogue, and life. Precisely why a strike on a cultural site goes far beyond, and does not merely translate into, the demolition of a man-made structure.”


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