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How to host a Charity Means Love event

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

We often get asked what it takes to host a Charity Means Love event in your community and the answer is pretty simple! When you host an event in your community, we want to make sure that the event fits the uniqueness of your area and so communication is key. Here are the four easy steps needed to get the ball rolling!

1. Secure a location: having an adequate space is the first step! Whether it is a place of worship, civic group, or even a home! It just needs to be large enough to host the expected crowd.

2. Locking in a date: once you’ve found a location that it willing to host, securing a date is the most important part! It’s best to have a couple of possible dates so we can plan around other stops.

3. Host home: having a host home for Nathan to stay at is ideal. It cuts down on expenses and carbon footprint!

4. Promotions: once we’ve got the location, date, and host home secured we will lock in the date and begin promoting. We will set up a Facebook event page and send you and your ground team promotional materials as well.

See! It’s pretty simple to get a Charity Means Love event set up in your community. We have plans for one day events, weekend seminars, and so much more. If you would like to begin setting up a Charity Means Love event in your are, drop us a message today at and someone will get back with you immediately to set it all up.


Building community is about creating a culture of caring. We also have to make sure that how we give into our communities isn’t just about being entertained or self gratification but making sure we are creating real change for those in need. Whether your cause is addressing homelessness, the environment, or a cure for cancer we all need to work together. Join us for an amazing experience to learn together with author Nathan Monk as he shares some of the guiding principles from his new book Charity Means Love.


Charity Means Love is a call to action for anyone who cares deeply about a cause. It was written with everyone who gives a damn in mind. Each paragraph takes you on a journey that leads to a solution. The pages will cause you to feel the pain described and smell the dust on the floor. When you are done, you’ll be ready to pick up a broom and get to work!No matter whether you are just beginning in the world of nonprofit work or you are a veteran service provider, this book will sing to your heart and help you not feel so alone. Masterfully written to highlight every corner of the nonprofit world, Charity Means Love looks to be a unique call to action as our world faces new and unique challenges in the face of the postmodern age. Nathan Monk brings a fresh perspective for how to care in a way that is compassionate, loving, and wise. His first book, Chasing the Mouse, was designed to shine a light on the harsh realities of the daily struggles for those experiencing homelessness and poverty. This bold new book seeks to answer the question of how we can make an impactful difference in how we respond and give in crisis situations.Set within the framework of evaluating all charity work in the confines of the “Love Verse” First Corinthians 13, it poses the challenge to our outreach, asking us to self-examine if we are truly being patient, kind, slow to anger, and keeping no records of wrongs in how we reach out to others in their time of need. This is a manifesto that tells a unifying story: love is the answer.

Nathan Monk’s new book, Charity Means Love, addresses many of our cultural blind spots in how we give. Order your copy today!

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