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COVID-19 claims the lives of 13 nuns who devoted their lives to service, education, and musical arts

In a shocking announcement 13 nuns have died from COVID-19. They were all members of Felician Sisters convent in Livonia, outside of Detroit. As many Christians have ignored warnings about social gatherings and wearing masks, the monastery had implemented a “no visitors policy” but it came too late. The 360-acre campus had once served as a home to nearly 800 nuns had dwindled to only 50. Now, they are reeling from the sudden and tragic loss of life.

The virus spread through the convent and by Good Friday, April 10, they lost Sister Mary Luiza Wawrzyniak who was 99. Soon followed by Sister Celine Marie Lesinski, 92, and Sister Mary Estelle Printz, 95, who both died on Easter Sunday, April 12.

Then almost one month later on May 10, a total of 12 sisters died: Sister Thomas Marie Wadowski, 73, Sister Mary Patricia Pyszynski, 93, Sister Mary Clarence (Adeline) Borkoski, 83, Sister Rose Mary Wolak, 86, Sister Mary Janice (Margaret) Zolkowski, 86, Sister Mary Alice Ann (Fernanda) Gradowski, 73, Sister Victoria Marie Indyk, 69, Sister Mary Martinez (Virginia) Rozek, 87, and Sister Mary Madeleine (Frances) Dolan, 82.

"We grieve for each of our sisters who has passed during the time of the pandemic throughout the province, and we greatly appreciate all of those who are holding us in prayer and supporting us in a number of ways," said Sister Mary Christopher Moore, provincial minister of Our Lady of Hope Province.

This dramatic loss mirrors the reality facing many long-term living facilities, especially for elderly individuals, who have suffered tremendous casualties due to coronavirus.


Nathan Monk is the author of Chasing the Mouse, Charity Means Love, and his first novel The Miracle is out now. You can also support his writing through Patreon here.

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