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Panama City bulldozes tent city of Hurricane Michael victims on coldest night of the year

Credit: Ray Frazier

After the massive destruction of Hurricane Michael, the strongest storm to make landfall in Florida in decades, hundreds of people have been left without anywhere to go. For some, that meant setting up in hotels and motels. For others, that meant setting up a tent outside and waiting for relief.

A massive tent city had formed since October full of victims and relief workers who could not find a place to stay. Rumors of destroying the tent city had begun to spring up throughout the week. On Tuesday, December 11, it finally happened.

Credit to Ray Frazier

Work crews showed up with bulldozers and dump trucks and began destroying the tents. For many people, whatever hadn’t been destroyed by the storm was lost today.

There have been attempts made to send the victims to shelters in surrounding areas, but many of those programs are already full.

Temperatures along the panhandled reached freezing that night, making it the coldest night of the year for Florida so far.

Credit to Ray Frazier

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