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Border-Wall Climbing Competition to Take Place at Red River Gorge, October 11-12

Rick Weber is a rock climber who has decided to step into the world of activism and part time snark artist. After hearing Trump remark that professional climbers couldn’t scale his new border wall.

“Many in the climbing community were amused a couple weeks ago when our POTUS held a press conference at a section of his latest  border wall design—a series of parallel square steel posts with a 5-foot-high plate at the top. ‘Impossible to climb,’ he stated. He boasted that ‘the federal government tested the structure by having 20 skilled mountain climbers attempt to climb it, and no one could.’”

Weber was unamused and even doubted the authenticity of the President’s statement about these 20 climbers. That is when he got an idea:

”No one in our climbing community knows any of these 20 mountaineers. I doubt if they exist. More importantly, to declare something to be impossible to climb to a bonafide rock climber is to issue a challenge.

So, I decided to build an exact replica and hold a competition.“

He went on to state that the completion will be safe, and fun, and will even have varying categories. Of course, this all really is being done to shine a light on the fact that border walls won’t address any real issues. It’s just a cruel action and costly measure that will only make the lives of refugees more dangerous.

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