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A few months ago, I read a beautiful theological piece by Michaela Atencio about creation. They brought up the profound point that though the story of Genesis talks about god creating day and night that there is mystery found in the AND because there is a spectrum of color and seasons that exist in that in-between space from night and day, water and earth, and of course, male and female.

Michaela ended their piece with, “… we worship the God of more. The God of the marsh, the penguin, the God of the sunrise, the cloud, the supernovae. The God of the nonbinary.”

When I read this, I was inspired to begin creating a sculpture based upon “the creation of man,” utilizing the concept of us being formed out of the earth and declared good.

This piece is called The Creation of And. It is designed to represent that space of perfect creation that exists between the margins of our binary understanding. It is about the beauty that is created with each body, and its shape. The curves and dips and bumps and hair that is the masterfully crafted into the form of a human.

The figure of this human is being molded out of the clay of the earth, rising up from both the phallic symbols of the mushroom and the yonic images of the flower, each existing in unison amongst the moss and the mud. The human form is without a belly button because the Earth is its mother giving it life from within.

This has been one of my most favorite creations to date. I hope each of you will enjoy it as well.

“The Creation of And” by Nathan Monk

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