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This rosary is designed and hand crafted by Nathan Monk made from both new and stored components.


Another childhood favorite stone was hematite. One of the first rings I ever owned was a hematite band. Sadly, their cracked only a few weeks after I got it.

Hematite is a very delicate material to work with and this particular rosary was one of my most challenging to make. The edges of the beads were very delicate. Each bead had to be meticulously strung.

The antique sterling silver crucifix is one of the most beautiful crosses I have ever purchased. I found it at an antique store and the bartering process was challenging! Ultimately, I purchase this piece alongside the San Damiano cross that I used to build the Saint Francis rosary.

The sterling silver rosary center is one of the few remaining pieces left from a monetary that used to restore rosaries. When the monastery closed in the mid 2000s, I purchased thousands of remaining pieces that had not been restored and began completing their work.

I loved all the silver tones and so I paired this piece with a stunning ornate floral vintage box.

Sterling silver and hematite rosary with vintage box designed by Nathan Monk

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