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The Celtic knot rosary custom designed and crafted by Nathan Monk

This rosary was originally inspired by a sterling silver Celtic knot triquetra pendant that I found last year. I wanted to use it as a rosary center but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Eventually, I used a hammer and small jail to puncture holes in the corners. This became the basis for the rosary.

The decade beads are small green gemstones that are so stunning they almost seem to glow! The Our Father beads are antique wood carved beads from a rosary that was missing too many beads to be restored so I reincorporated them into this one.

I used a Celtic knot cross pendant that was salvaged from a silver smelter. Finally, I paired it with a hand carved wooden box with the triquetra in the center.

This is one of my favorite rosaries I have ever crafted.

Sterling silver and green gemstone Celtic knot rosary designed by Nathan Monk

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