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This rosary is designed and hand crafted by Nathan Monk made from both new and stored components.


This is hands down one of my absolute favorite rosaries I’ve ever done. I used an antique ebony inlay skull and bones cross salvaged from a nun’s rosary that was broken. The rosary center is also from an antique rosary that was destroyed. The center has a relic inside. The beads are reproduction skull beads. They are not bone but meant to look like bone. The Our Father beads are antique wood carved beads from a rosary that was missing too many beads to be restored so I reincorporated them into this one.

This rosary is inspired by the catacomb rosaries that used to be popular in Rome and were made from the carved bone remains of the saint.

Movie buffs might recognize this style of cross as the one that Regan had in The Exorcist. The use of a skull and bones at the base of the cross is rooted in the legend that Joseph of Arimathea brought the skull of Adam toGolgotha and placed it at the feet of Jesus. The trend went out of fashion many years ago but I think they are so fascinating.

I paired it with this beautiful bone box to bring the macabre piece to its final destination.

Skull and crossbones rosary with bone box designed by Nathan Monk

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