It has been a long time since I’ve had the chance to go on a book tour. As a matter of fact, both of my novels have been released during the pandemic, and so I’ve never done a book tour for either of my novels.

I receive requests every single day for signed copies of All Saints Hotel and Cocktail Lounge. But because I’m not on tour, I’ve not had copies lying around to sign and send out. Plus, signing hundreds of copies of a book, packaging them, and getting them shipped out is a ton of work.

However, I’ve decided to do a limited release of signed copies. This will only be available for a few days, and once we reach the limited number, that will be it. These will sell out, so definitely get them today!

Each copy will be individually signed and will come with an indulgence bookmark. This will be a miniature version of the indulgences that were released during the winter.

I’m excited to offer these limited signed copies! And as I’ve already said, they will move quickly so don’t delay!

DETAILS: This is a pre-order. We will not be ordering the books until after the sale closes. That means it could take six-eight weeks for the arrival of your signed copy. These copies will need to be shipped to us from the publisher, then signed, packaged, and shipped. This will take time, so please be patient. All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms.

Copy of Signed copy of All Saints Hotel and Cocktail Lounge (PRE-ORDER)